January 8, 2017

Journey To 100,000 Youtube Subscribers

A goal and a journey to get to 100,000 youtube subscribers.

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There are two youtube channels that I will be growing at the same time and keeping track of their progress. Each channel has vastly different content, but I will be running strategies on both and testing different theories, so you can really get an in-depth view of how this growth happens in different niches, what works for growing youtube subscribers, and what is a waste of time and money.

Channel 1: Limitless North.
Personal Development, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, etc…

Channel 2: Elevated Clothing.
First looks into my clothing business, new products, athlete videos, etc…

Purpose: keep track of everything I do. Show you step by step how I grow these channels to over 100,000 subscribers.

The Plan:
Upload at least 3 videos per week consistently.
Post those videos on blog posts.
Submit those posts to stumble upon and reddit.
Send traffic to these videos through fiverr gigs.
Create channel commercials and create google adwords campaigns for them to buy traffic.
Send videos through our mailing lists.
Post videos on social media.

The Progress:
Post 1: 01-07-16
Post 2: 01-08-17
Post 3: 01-17-17
Post 4: 02-23-17
Post 5: 04-04-17