learn to say no

Learn to Say No!

Learn to say No! You’ve got to get comfortable saying No more often.

How Often are you saying No?

How often are you saying no? If you’re not saying no a lot throughout your day, maybe there’s something missing there. Maybe you’re saying yes to to many opportunities that are actually distracting you from accomplishing what your want to accomplish. You need to learn to say no.

Look For New Opportunities To Say “No” To

Tim ferris is an amazing mentor to learn from in this area. He always looks for ways to say no in his own life and he teaches his students to learn to say no. The important thing is that he tries not to have some excuse or story behind it, but to simply say no to any opportunity that he doesn’t want to do or that doesn’t align with what he’s trying to accomplish in his life. Why should he need to give an excuse. Just learn to say no. Simply. Let me explain that if the scenario isn’t a hell yes, then it’s a hell no. If saying yes to the thing will not point you in the direction you’re trying to go, then say no. Keep that time free in your life and keep the space available for the opportunity that will point you in the right direction and further your purposes.

Most Of Us Can’t Say No To Things

Most of us are really bad a this and we can’t say no to things. We want to please people and so we end up saying yes to nearly everything. We do this because we want to be valuable and we want to be available, and so we tend to say yes to everything that comes our way. But the problem is that we never learn to say no. What saying yes to everything truly does is rob us from being valuable. You see, if we know what we’re supposed to be about, and we know where we can have our maximum impact, and yet we can’t do those things or be about those things consistently because we’re always being pulled by someone else desire for us, then how valuable are we truly being?

If we’re constantly being pulled away by someone else’s ask for us, we’re doing favors, we’re stepping out doing things we don’t truly want to that don’t truly benefit us or our plans and purposes, then we’re not being as effective or efficient as we could be. And that’s not living as valuable a life as we could.

learn to say no

I Challenge You To Learn To Say No More Often

So I want to challenge you to learn to say no more often and that could make such a difference for you.
Today I challenge you to say no to things that don’t benefit you, that don’t benefit your purposes, that don’t align with the things that you want to do.
Learn to say NO more often.

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