Defining Success – How do YOU define success

Defining Success – How do YOU define success

What is your definition of success? Truly ask yourself, what is success to you? What is it that you’re after in life? And I challenge you to ask this question because we’re all either living our lives consciously moving towards a goal, or we’ve let the world around us define our goals that we’re moving toward without us even knowing. So when it comes to defining success, you’ve got to be specific, intentional, and personal.

Defining Success – What’s truly important for you.

I want you to focus on what’s truly important for you. oftentimes in life we get so caught up in pursuing someone else’s vision of success. We’ve read about success from magazines and books, we’ve listen to entrepreneurs and podcasts, we’ve talked to CEO’s and other friends that are more successful than us… And you know what? Everybody gives us their version of success, and before long we realize that our’s is fully shaped and formed by outside opinions.
And that’s great, that’s how it should be if we’re in the presence of people that we admire and respect and trust. And don’t ever, ever, ever let your view of success and what you’re aspiring to accomplish, what you’re going after, become devoid of your own definition of success. How you define success needs to come from your own definition of what is most important to you.
Often people forget to identify success for themselves. they forget to ask the most important person what success should be. That person is ultimately themselves. We need to identify the things that we care about, the things that drive us, that inspire us, that motivate us. It’s easy to get caught up in chasing success from someone else point of view and perspective. So don’t ever forget to focus on what’s most important to you.

Defining Success: Identify what you want your life to be about

I want you to identify what you want your life to be about because of what you feel, what you desire, what you know, what you’ve experienced and encountered, and let that continue to manifest and shape and change, based on what you encounter and what you learn day in and day out. Make sure that how you define success comes from your own true heart, and make sure that there’s a huge place for what you define as success and what you focus on each day, because if you don’t, you’ll get to the end of someone else’s journey for your life and you’ll experience success based on that definition. You’ll accomplish what you thought you wanted to accomplish, but you’ll get to the end devoid of what you truly wanted in life. You’ll have wasted so much time and effort and energy accomplishing something from someone else’s perspective rather than your own.
So make sure that you’re focused each day on what’s most important to you, and make sure that above all things, your heart defines success based on the way it’s been manipulated, shaped, changed, encountered, and encouraged by what you’ve gone through in life, what you’ve known in life and learned in life, the people you’ve met, and what is true to your inner heart. Make sure those things define ultimately what success should be for your life.
And finally, make sure that you check in on that often, for in doing so that will lead you to a great life.

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