Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency Is The Key To Success

“Success is not determined by what we do occasionally, but by what we do consistently… Consistency is the key to success!”

Consistency Is The Key To Success - The young entrepreneurs guide on How To Be Successful

Consistency is the key to success, and thus it becomes an absolutely crucial key in business in order to experience growth. We all have this tendency to sit back and hope and wish and want that our pursuits will just happen, that our goals and our dreams and our plans will just somehow manifest into our life. Just hopefully somehow, someway, we’ll wake up one morning and they’ll be bringing us in the income that we want, the results that we desire, and the exposure/expressions that we want from our companies, and it just doesn’t happen that way. Consistency is the key to growth.

“Success is not determined by the things that we do occasionally, but by the things that we do consistently”

It’s so powerful to realize that these plans, these dreams, and these goals that we have… these wants that we have within us, don’t just happen. And they don’t just happen because we go after them really hard one day, and we put in a lot of effort and front-load it… they happen because we consistently show up day after day after day and put in that effort.

Now don’t let that overwhelm you, it’s not that you have to put in and give this amazing massive amount of action every time. If you can, you’ll be better off for it. If you put massive action towards something consistently, of course you’ll speed it up and you’ll get it to come to fruition faster for you, but it’s really about showing up every day and adding a little bit of planned effort to it.

Planned Effort and Action – Know Your Why

And that’s key as well, you have to have a planned effort. You have to know why you’re doing the work you’re doing, and what results you’re going to get out of the work you’re doing. You can’t just blindly throw effort towards it, you have to have progress. And progress is steadily moving forward, it’s not just busy work.

And what I want to impress upon you is that consistent action! Day after day, or week after week, or however often you can focus on it, you have to put consistency behind it. And so if you have a plan or a purpose or a business that you’re trying to grow, its just about doing something time after time after time consistently to watch it grow. You can’t just put a lot of effort into it and then step away and then come back and say, “Hey, how did that do? Did it give me any results, did it bring anything to me?” It won’t happen that way. But if you say for the next month you’re going to consistently do little amounts of work on your project, then maybe, after a month of doing the work, you can come back and look at it and say, “Wow, there are results here now! I see that it’s built upon itself and it’s started to gain the traction and the exposure that I wanted it to have.”

consistency is the key to success - earn your share every day - lifestyle billionaire club

“And so remember that Success is not determined by what we do occasionally, but by what we do consistently.”

Don’t Get Overwhelmed… Break Down Your Goals Into Small, Achievable Steps

Take your plans and your purposes and write them out. Focus on the ones that are your biggest priorities. And ask yourself, how can I add value and effort to these things consistently? What are the smallest steps that I can do to these consistently, that I know I can stick too and actually build into my schedule and be consistent with? And what are the biggest steps that I can do occasionally as well?

You see, if consistency is the key to success, then you can throw a big step into the process occasionally. And that will get you way more results than those little tiny consistent steps time after time after time, but you have to have that consistency paired with those big steps to make it actually work, to make it actually stick, to make it actually do what you want it to do.

So catch yourself. Are you dreaming and hoping and wishing and wanting that things will just happen for you? Do you just have these visions that you just hope that some day you’ll wake up and they’ll be a reality in your life somehow, because you want them bad enough, because you think on them enough, because you maybe did one thing toward their attainment at some point in your life?

It doesn’t work that way. Consistency is Key.
So don’t overwhelm yourself. If you’re spread too thin, just say what are the smallest possible steps that I can do consistently toward these priorities in my life? But do something every day. Every week if it has to be. Put consistency to your own planning.

So don’t want, don’t wish, don’t just hope that someday these things will show up in your life. Or that someday your business will be making you the money that you dreamed of, the income that you hoped for, the exposure that you’re looking for. Go do something consistently to earn that.

Charlie Munger once said, the universe is not yet a crazy enough place that it will give a bunch of underserving people what they desire rather than what they deserve.

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of
undeserving people.”
― Charles T. Munger

You Have To Earn What You Desire.

So we have to go earn what we desire. We have to go become the type of people that deserve what we want out of life. So go consistently work toward that exposure that you want out of your business. Go reach out to people day after day after day… whatever your plan of action is… do it consistently.

And go determine the amount of income that you want to bring, in, the amount of sales you want to bring in for your company, and go work towards that day after day after day consistently, even if it’s a small step. If you have that goal and you know that you’re consistently working towards it, you’ll achieve it. Someday you will wake up and you’ll be making the income you want, you’ll have the exposure you want, you’ll have the number of sales you desire for your company if you’ve been working towards it consistently.
But if you’re just hoping, and wishing and wanting, it’ll never happen.
So formulate your plan, step out into it, and go do it consistently.

Summary: Consistency Is The Key To Success

Consistency is the key to success, which means that the key to success in business is to perform steps toward your goals consistently. The more you frequently perform action, the more progress you will make. However, we have a tendency to desire to put in large amounts of effort sporadically, here and there, and think that we can muscle our way to success and progress. But the problem is that in order to find real success, we need Momentum to kick in. Without momentum we are forever confined to our own strength and nothing more. But the beauty is that the laws of physics and the universal laws of nature not only apply to the physical world we live in, but also to our business endeavors and passions. The more effort we put in consistently, the more friction is lessened, and the more momentum our efforts gain. With momentum, and lessened friction, our work goes farther, gains more reach, attracts more attention, and solidifies itself.
Remember that with consistent action, your goals become achievable and success becomes attainable.
Success is not determined by the things we do occasionally, but by the things we do consistently.
Consistency Is The Key To Success!

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