How To Grow A Youtube Channel Post 4 02-23-17

How to Grow A Youtube Channel Post 4 – 02-23-17

I’m setting off on a journey to document all of my steps, experiments, theories, victories, and mistakes of growing two new youtube channels from scratch to 100,000 subscribers each.
I’m not exactly new to youtube myself, but by no means would I call myself an expert or even an experienced youtuber. I have had a couple of “viral” videos in the past on my personal channel, amounting to a current total of only 623 subscribers and 827,133 Views spread mainly across 3 videos, the largest getting 369,563 views.
My personal channel is years old and not something I consistently build. However, I am a business owner and see an incredible opportunity to make money and gain incredible amounts of exposure through Youtube’s platform and thus have begun this journey to build 2 separate channels @limitlessnorth and @elevatedclothing up to a substantial position on youtube.

In my efforts, I will document for you every step that I take, every dollar I spend, every mistake I make, and every victory I experience. The hope is that we can all walk away with a replicable guide to successfully building and growing a youtube channel, and that my journey as an entrepreneur will help your’s. As they say, learn from others mistakes, and realize that success leaves clues.

Without further adeau, we’re on to post #4 of growing a youtube channel to 100,000 subscribers.

Theory I’m Testing:
1) By posting consistent content on each channel, I believe Youtube will begin to rank the channel as more important and relevant on it’s platform. Therefore, I am building up to posting around 1 video each day for both accounts.
I haven’t been as consistent with @elevatedclothing as I have with @limitless north, and that’s partly because of what I’m building on the backend of both companies at this time.

2) I will use Fiverr gigs to drive traffic to my youtube videos in order to gain vies and exposure and thus get each video and my channels as a whole ranked higher on youtube.
What I’m learning: Most gigs on fiverr are fake and don’t actually get you real views and promotions. I’ve tried a ton of different gigs and am slowly figuring out which ones are legit and which ones simply provide automatic views. I don’t believe that simply getting your view count up in a “fake” way will do much to build your channel. The only views that really count are from real exposure, getting real views and real exposure through leveraging other’s social media and networks. Most gigs on fiver say they provide you with “real views” but in fact they come from bots. The trick is trying a bunch of different gigs, documenting the benefit to each individual video, and recognizing which gigs actually push your content out to a real audience and subscriber base. This can be seen by real engagement on my channel, i.e. new subscribers, likes, comments, and even the youtube ad earnings per videos. Fake views leave the earnings at or near $0.00 while real viewers begin to register.

3) Sub 4 Sub: I used a few mobil apps that allowed me to subscribe to various youtube channels and then get other accounts to subscribe to mine. I pushed my account for @limitless north to nearly 850 subscribers this way, while leaving @elevatedclothing alone.
My theory is that while most “Sub 4 Sub” users won’t actually watch my channel or engage with my content, having a larger number of subscribers on my channel will help entice other new viewers to sign up and subscribe because they see a large number of subscribers, and video views, as social proof that the content is worth it.
I’m currently in the process of testing this theory and don’t have much to report.

4) Engage With Similar Youtube Channels Audience: As with any social network, youtube works best when you are active on the platform and engage with others. By identifying a few key channels that produce content similar to mine, and then engaging with users who comment on their videos, I expect that I can begin to pull an audience for myself. The key is to actually add value and engage with other users in relevant video’s comment sections.
So far I haven’t spent a lot of time on this approach because I’m testing other theories and want to make sure that the results for each action I take are measurable to gauge what is profitable and what is not for growing a youtube channel and gaining new subscribers/getting more engagement.

5) Create Playlists For My Content: Aside from ranking each video on your channel, Youtube allows you to create and rank playlists for keywords as well. By finding highly viewed influential videos similar to yours and creating a playlist around a specific topic, you can include your video in the mix and thus draw views to your video while gaining credibility.
So far I’ve only created one playlist: How to Wake Up Early 5AM Club
Already I’ve noticed new views coming to my video, so creating playlists around key content is incredibly beneficial for you.
I need to do this with each specific topic, I just haven’t spent the time to do it yet.

6) Increase Views And Audience Loyalty By Adding Annotations And Video Cards To All Of My Videos: Oftentimes viewers will find themselves engaged with your video and want to know what else you have. If you spoon feed it to them through annotations throughout your video and video cards at the end of each video, they will love you for it and click on more of your content. This will increase view count on all of my videos by encouraging viewers to watch more of my content and check out the next videos.

Summary of last Post:
Since our last “How To Grow A Youtube Channel” post I’ve tested a few theories, uploaded new youtube videos for each channel, cataloged analytics and stats, and taken a lot of action. This is a quick summary for you to see the exact and specific steps I take with each channel on my journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers.

Limitless North:

1) Subscribers: 852
2) Total Views: 53,331
3) Monthly Views: 11,231
4) Total Videos: 49
Thoughts: I published a lot of videos between posts 3 and 4, and thus ran a lot of different promotions/fiver gigs to drive views. I also gained nearly 600 subscribers through “Sub 4 Sub” methods.
Because so much of the data and analytics was thus “purchased” in a sense, I really wanted to give my channel a cool-down period where I could see what real growth, if any took place from my methods. I needed to wait until all promotions were finished and all “Sub 4 Sub” subscribers were settled so that I could see if indeed any new users were finding my content and if I was getting an overall increase in channel engagement and video views organically.
I’m seeing a steady increase in views and exposure. It’s still very slow, but it’s clear that as I produce more content, upload more videos, and just build my youtube channel in general, things are picking up.

Videos Posted/Fiver Gigs Used and Summary:
1) Are You Too Busy? Time Management and Prioritizing your Life – Limitless North
Fiver Promotion: @sherildecer
Results: 1,246 views, 10 likes, 0 comments, 0 added subscribers.

2) The Power Of Focus
Fiver Promotion: @awais07
Results: 1,805 Views, 21 Likes, 2 Comments, 1 Subscriber Added. Actual Ad Revenue showed up, so I would buy this gig again as it feels more authentic.

3) Focus The Success Habit of Bill Gates And Warren Buffet
Fiver Promotion: @growthbusiness2
Results: 1,173 Views, 0 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Subscribers Added

4) Millionaire Success Habits: Stay On Point, Create Energy, Be Incredibly Effective
Fiver Promotion: @jhart728
Results: 33 views, 3 likes, 0 comments, 0 added subscribers.

5) Progress Is Where Success Both Starts and Ends
Fiver Promotion: @marianop
Results: 16 views, 2 likes, 0 comments, 0 added subscribers.

6) A Year In Review Reviewing Goals 2016
Fiver Promotion: @youngceaser
Results: 1,374 Views, 0 Likes, 4 Comments, 0 Added Subscribers.

7) How To Be Successful: The Power of Dreaming and Thinking Big
Fiver Promotion: @youtubeb
Results: 3,899 Views, 51 Likes, 7 Comments, 6 Subscribers Added. Still get the feeling that these were bot views because the comments came from fake accounts with no activity or subscribers. It looks good on the channel though.

8) Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet: Have An Amazing Life – Limitless North
Fiver Promotion: @kellylynn444
Results: 43 Views, 7 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Added Subscribers.

9) My 2017 Goals Goal Setting And Massive Action
Fiver Promotion: No gig used yet.
Results: 12 views, 0 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Added Subscribers.

how to grow a youtube channel

Elevated Clothing:

1) Subscribers: 34
2) Total Views: 21,402
3) Monthly Views: 77
4) Total Videos: 19
Thoughts: I only published a couple of videos on this channel between posts 3 and 4 because I’m currently building a new website to launch new product for Elevated Clothing. Because of this, I’m holding off until the site is built and the product is available before I blast out promotional videos for each piece.
Additionally, I was testing the theory of adding subscribers via “Sub 4 Sub” apps with Limitless North and I wanted to compare and contrast to see what the rate of growth was for each channel while implementing certain strategies.
I will be picking up momentum on this channel soon.

Videos Posted/Fiver Gigs Used and Summary:
1) Frienship – 1000 Nights Video Sweden 2016
Fiver Promotion: No gig used yet.
Results: 10 views, 2 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Added Subscribers.

2) Seth Colbert – Elevated Clothing – Holiday
Fiver Promotion: No gig used yet.
Results: 15 views, 1 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Added Subscribers.

growing a youtube channel elevated clothing

So what do you think? Where are you at in your process so far, and do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Leave A Comment Below.

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