How to Grow A Youtube Channel Post 3 – 01-17-17

How to Grow A Youtube Channel Post 3 – 01-17-17

Theory I’m Testing:
– Fiverr Gig Promotions: going well, getting tons of views.
– Sub 4 Sub: get more long-term subscribers if my subscriber count is higher when people visit the channel.
Result: Gaining a lot of new subscribers from app use.
Next Step: Keep doing it every day until I hit 1000 subscribers.
– Comment on other Youtube Videos similar to my channel’s content, and directly respond to users there. I think this will help me gain subscribers and get higher engagement on my videos and channel. I haven’t started doing it yet, but it’s in the plan.
– Create playlists for my content: you can rank playlists for keywords, so you give your videos a chance to get seen. You also create a string of videos, so you will increase your views. I want to create some playlists exclusive to my content, and I also want to pull in third party videos that I am inspired by and create theme playlist with my content mixed in so that it gives me more credibility to be alongside guys like Tony Robbins, Earl Nightingale, Stephen Pylarinos, etc…
– Add annotations and video cards to all of my videos: This will increase view count on all of my videos by encouraging viewers to watch more of my content and check out the next videos.

Summary of last Post:
Put up a couple of LN videos and an Elevated video.
LN 1: Working On Your Strengths And Not Your Weaknesses
Views: 4278 Views
Likes: 38
LN 2: Online Business Fundamentals And Foundations
Views: 4051 Views
Likes: 4
EL 1: Elevated Clothing Varsity Hoodie
Views: 2570 Views
Likes: 23
Used the Sub 4 Sub apps to get subscribers for LN:
Gained significant number of subscribers: At 261 now. Doing this to make the channel look more legit so people are more likely to subscribe themselves.
Notable Growth Changes:
LN Video: Wealth Money And Success. Money is a result of success, not a cause. Has gotten 12 comments over the last week. Currently at 3212 views and 4 Likes. I’m suspecting that the majority of the comments are fake as a result of a fiverr gig that I did. At first I thought they were real, but then I began to look into the users and it seems the accounts are all fake, probably just used for the fiverr gig. So that’s not what I’m looking for. It helps bring exposure to a video, but obviously what I really want out of my promotions is real people and real engagement, not fake stuff. So I’ll keep looking and keep trying new gigs to see which ones are worth pursuing and which ones aren’t.

Current Steps:
I posted a video for Limitless North. I’m going to wait a few days before doing a fiverr gig to see how many views I can naturally get on new videos at this point and thus gauge the real growth and worth of my youtube channel.
Limitless North:
Video 1: The Number One Thing Every Entrepreneur Must Know: Pay Yourself First
Fiverr Gig: @niapromo
Results: 1,281 Views, 10 Likes, 0 Comments, 0 Subscribers Added.

Current Channel Stats:
Limitless North:
42,141 total views.
261 subscribers.
$3.52 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
40 Total Videos.
how to grow a youtube channel 01-17-17 limitless north

Elevated Clothing:
25,927 total views.
31 subscribers.
$.04 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
17 Total Videos.
how to grow a youtube channel 01-17-17

So what do you think? Where are you at in your process so far, and do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Leave A Comment Below.

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    • Hey William, thanks for the message. If you go to the app store and do a search for “youtube subscribers” you’ll find a few. It helps add a little legitimacy to your channel, but I wouldn’t go crazy with it. I think this actually slows the growth of your channel in the long run because you have less engagement from your subscribers, which makes your videos less relevant to youtube’s algorithm. So just get a small start that way and then take time and care to build up a real following via directly reaching out to people.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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