How to Grow A Youtube Channel Post 2 – 01-08-17

Intro: How To Grow A Youtube Channel! Join me on my journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers. I’m documenting every step so that you can follow along and see how to successfully grow a youtube channel to reach millions of people.

journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers. How to grow a youtube channel

Theory I’m Testing:
I’m working on posting a video each day, or close too it. I know that as a new youtube channel, there is so much content being posted every day, that amount of content and age of channel can play a significant role in getting noticed.
My theory is that if I post frequent videos, promote those videos to whatever audiences I can find (in this case fiverr promotion gigs), and consistently do this, eventually the traction will catch and my channel will grow exponentially.

Current Steps:
I posted some videos for each channel and promoted them on Fiverr:
Limitless North:
Video 1: Working On Your Strengths And Not Your Weaknesses:
Fiverr Gig: @criveyservice

Video 2: Online Business Fundamentals And Foundations:

Elevated Clothing:
Video 1: Elevated Clothing Varsity Hoodie:
Fiverr Gig: @BlBoss

The views have kept coming in on yesterday’s video and I’ve also gained a few subscribers. We’re slowly growing.
I’ve also posted the video into blog posts for both Limitless North and Lifestyle Billionaire.
It’s important to note that both websites (Limitless North and Lifestyle Billionaire) are fairly new and have not garnered much traffic at this time, so I’m not tapping into a large existing audience that you yourself couldn’t easily build. I am making it a point to post videos on multiple blog posts so that google has a better chance of registering it and it can be seen in multiple locations.

I’ve realized that some of the fiverr gigs i’m purchasing are bot views. The retention rate is around 93%, and while there are some likes and subscribers coming in, I’m guessing most of the traffic is fake, which is not what I want.
So I’ve tracked down a few new gigs that I want to try. I will compare and share all of the results as we go so that I can determine which gigs are worth my money for promotions.

And then some better options to explore outside of fiverr:
Boost Socials
Facebook Ads

Current Channel Stats:
Limitless North:
28,856 total views.
110 subscribers.
$2.78 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
39 Total Videos.
limitless north youtube stats, growing a youtube channel

Elevated Clothing:
21,189 total views.
33 subscribers.
$.06 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
16 Total Videos.
growing a youtube channel, journey to 100000 subscribers on youtube

So what do you think? Where are you at in your process so far, and do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Leave A Comment Below.

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