How To Grow A Youtube Channel – 01-07-16

Intro: How To Grow A Youtube Channel! Join me on my journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers. I’m documenting every step so that you can follow along and see how to successfully grow a youtube channel to reach millions of people.

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Today’s Steps:
Today I posted a video for each channel:
Limitless North: Finding Self Confidence And How To Carry Yourself:
Elevated Clothing: Elevated Clothing Perrier Scoop Tee:

After posting, I immediately submitted each video for a different fiverr gig to get views on it.
The Limitless North video started getting views right away. As of this writing at 7pm, it has garnered 229 views and 3 thumbs up. I’ve also gained 2 new subscribers from today.
The fiver gig: @lisaa_promo

I’ve done this promo before for another video and got great, Real, results. The gig actually brings in engagement and views from real people, so I really enjoy working with her. This will only be my second time using it, so we’ll see where it goes. Last time it didn’t quite get the volume of views as the other gigs I’ve tried, but at least I know the views are legit.
I’ve also posted the video into blog posts for both Limitless North and Lifestyle Billionaire.
It’s important to note that both websites (Limitless North and Lifestyle Billionaire) are fairly new and have not garnered much traffic at this time, so I’m not tapping into a large existing audience that you yourself couldn’t easily build. I am making it a point to post videos on multiple blog posts so that google has a better chance of registering it and it can be seen in multiple locations.

The Elevated Clothing video will take a little longer before its process gets put to work. The gig I ordered is a first time purchase, and I’m guessing the process will take a couple of days.
The Fiverr gig: @frankexpert30

Current Channel Stats:
Limitless North:
26,633 total views.
105 subscribers.
$.48 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
36 Total Videos.
journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers, youtube growth, limitless north

Elevated Clothing:
17,363 total views.
21 subscribers.
$.05 Estimated Ad Revenue for last 28 days
15 Total Videos.
journey to 100,000 youtube subscribers, how to grow youtube, stats

So what do you think? Where are you at in your process so far, and do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Leave A Comment Below.

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